The Boathouse

Private Residence St. Louis, Missouri
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Passion + Perspective

  • The Boathouse

    This section sketch shows roof trusses and their relationship to the clerestory windows.

  • The Boathouse

    Site section drawings are used to investigate how the building interacts with grade. In this case, it was used to design the height of the structure based on the slope of the grade versus the level of the water.

  • The Boathouse

    This photo was used to compare the new design in relationship to the size of the existing structure.

  • The Boathouse

    Here is the new project under construction.

  • The Boathouse

    This construction photo shows the exterior wall and some of the structural members in place.

Our primordial ancestors may have crossed a literal line in the sand when they opted to become land dwellers all those millennia ago. But boathouses like this one remind us why we never want to live too far away from the water.

- Architectural Digest Magazine
June 2009

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