Busch Student Center

Saint Louis University St. Louis, Missouri
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Passion + Perspective

  • Busch Student Center

    Section sketches are used to understanding key Z dimensional information. In this ballroom, we used this sketch to verify the height of the grade on the left and how it interacts with the service corridor below.

  • Busch Student Center

    Here is a schematic design sketch from the north.

  • Busch Student Center

    This is a sketch studying how a new glassy corridor intersects an existing structure on site.

  • Busch Student Center

    In architecture, designing the exterior spaces are just as important as designing the interior spaces. This drawing shows some of the ideas for the spaces outside of the main interior common spaces.

  • Busch Student Center

    This sketch is studying the proportion of the tower with the existing building.

Mackey Mitchell transformed the University's 30-year old student center into a modern and vibrant destination for the entire community.

- Kathleen Brady
VP for Facilities Management & Civic Affairs, SLU

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