Jardine Apartments

Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas
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Passion + Perspective

  • Jardine Apartments

    This image shows an early conceptual sketch of the living unit buildings.

  • Jardine Apartments

    Design the exterior spaces of a project are just as important as designing the interior. Here is an image of the site be designed to create community between the buildings.

  • Jardine Apartments

    The plaza, as an exterior space, required additional study by the design team. This image shows a 3D study of the plaza entry and paving pattern.

  • Jardine Apartments

    Many design questions are answered through detail sketches. In this sketch, the design team was studying the scale of the arbor and the construction of the adjacent retaining wall.

  • Jardine Apartments

    Projects are studied both in three dimensions and in two dimensions. Elevation studies are often used to finalize the exterior material composition.

We have something no other university has.

- Deborah Kohl
Coordinator for Community Development of Housing Design Services, KSU

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