Chaifetz Arena

Saint Louis University Saint Louis, MO
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Passion + Perspective

  • Chaifetz Arena

    Sketch and rendering of main concourse helps the design team and the client understand the look and feel of the space.

  • Chaifetz Arena

    Schematic Design progress meetings are held at regular intervals in the course of the project. By having all participants at the table, ideas are discussed and informed decisions are made quickly.

  • Chaifetz Arena

    This conceptual sketch of two story concourse will be the foundation of a future color rendering.

  • Chaifetz Arena

    Early model of the exterior design are used to understand the scale and massing of the project.

  • Chaifetz Arena

    The project is always being refined during the design process. This sketch illustrates our changes to the strength training program.

Chaifetz Arena is one of the best 10,000+ seat arenas in the country. It’s a good example of a successful collaboration among the architect, operator, contractor and owner with a common goal to provide a first class sports and entertainment arena.

- Dan Rubino
Director of Projects, Global Spectrum

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