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Passion + Perspective

  • Community Music School

    Sectional studies are used to understand spatial relationships in the Z axis. This study was used to verify proper ceiling space in the lower level of the building.

  • Community Music School

    This sketch is an early study for the lobby space of the building.

  • Community Music School

    Complex spaces require multiple views. The lobby of the building intersects the entrance to the performance space and required this section to verify the structure was adequate.

  • Community Music School

    To get a thin ceiling plane, the structural members were studied to make sure the design would be successful.

  • Community Music School

    The exterior skin of every building is very important. Here are three brick panels to study the brick color, color blend and mortar color.

It was clear in the first meeting with our music faculty that Mackey Mitchell had the experience and understanding of the project type.

- David Stone
(Former) Director of Facility Planning, Webster University

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