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Delaware School for the Deaf

Delaware School for the Deaf Newark, Delaware
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Passion + Perspective

  • Delaware School for the Deaf

    During schematic design, sketches are used to communicate ideas quickly. This photo shows a plan sketch on trace paper.

  • Delaware School for the Deaf

    Once the project is constructed in 3D, an existing site aerial can be used to overlay the project so that the client can understand how the building sits within its context.

  • Delaware School for the Deaf

    This section is used to verify that enough space is allowed for the mechanical ducting required for the large gathering spaces.

  • Delaware School for the Deaf

    Auditorium spaces are complicated spaces. Sections are used to verify that all of the equipment requirements (i.e. seating, catwalks, lighting positions, sound/lighting booths) are met.

  • Delaware School for the Deaf

    In Deaf School design, the classrooms are one of the most important spaces to get correct. In this section, the design team is investigating the size of the room and its relationship with the corridor in order to eliminate sound transmission.

Mackey Mitchell has done a phenomenal job. They follow through on their promises on timelines, and they listen. Their designs indicate, "You are hearing what we're saying!" They have been extremely responsive, approachable, and amiable.

- Ed Bosso
Assistant Superintendent, Delaware School for the Deaf

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