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Downing Student Union

Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, Kentucky
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Passion + Perspective

  • Downing Student Union

    The design team will often take group benchmarking trips prior to programming. This is a group photo of the participants for this trip.

  • Downing Student Union

    This exterior conceptual sketch begins to imagine the main stair as a significant design element in the project.

  • Downing Student Union

    This conceptual sketch of interior atrium shows how the floors are being opened up to allow visual access and connectivity to all parts of the building.

  • Downing Student Union

    Atrium under construction showing the opening of floors to provide greater visual connectivity.

  • Downing Student Union

    A concept sketch of monumental stair showing the arrangement of the stair treads and the open center.

The renovation provides an innovative, sustainable space that benefits the entire WKU community.

- Dr. Gary A. Ransdell
President, WKU

Team Members

  • Jim Konrad,

    Senior Architect, Retired

    Project Manager

  • John Burse,


    Project Designer

  • Kyle Wagner,


    Project Architect

  • RossTarrant Architects,


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