East Academic Building

Webster University St. Louis, MO
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Passion + Perspective

  • East Academic Building

    Early master plan building location sketch was used to study options for building and exterior space interaction.

  • East Academic Building

    This quick floor plan sketch was used to refine the programmatic adjacencies.

  • East Academic Building

    This image shows a conceptual rendering of the project to help the client understand the look and feel of the design.

  • East Academic Building

    Early massing and proportion study model are a helpful tool in the design process.

  • East Academic Building

    Color renderings give the client a solid sense of the design.

The East Academic Building is an important milestone in Webster University’s history. It serves as a bridge that links the historic Webster University with the future of the institution.

- Elizabeth J. Stroble
President, Webster University

Team Members

  • Nick Naeger,

    Associate Principal, Architect

    Project Architect

  • Robert A.M. Stern,

    Design Architect

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