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East and West Residence Halls

McKendree University Lebanon, Illinois
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Passion + Perspective

  • East and West Residence Halls

    Here is a sectional study through the lobby. This section was used to better understand the relationship of the two story lobby with the residential levels.

  • East and West Residence Halls

    The design of corridors in a residential project are very important. We will often use sections and perspectives to investigate the visual length of the space.

  • East and West Residence Halls

    This drawing was used to understand how the building engages the surrounding exterior spaces.

  • East and West Residence Halls

    A photo of the groundbreaking ceremony.

  • East and West Residence Halls

    A photo taken during construction showing the second floor overlook and the main lobby space starting to take shape.

We are simply delighted with our new residence halls. Mackey Mitchell has managed to completely transform our campus with a beautiful state-of-the-art building that looks like it has always belonged here.

- James M. Dennis
President, McKendree University

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