Monadnock Residence Hall

Southern New Hampshire University Manchester, NH
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Passion + Perspective

  • Monadnock Residence Hall

    This image shows a programming exercise that we conducted with students called "Design Temperature Taking." In this exercise, we get the students input on what images they like (green dots) and what images they do not (red dots).

  • Monadnock Residence Hall

    Early design sketch of the project.

  • Monadnock Residence Hall

    Scale study of the new residence hall with existing buildings adjacent to the site.

  • Monadnock Residence Hall

    Should the roof be flat or pitched?

  • Monadnock Residence Hall

    An early site study plan showing fire lanes and pedestrian paths.

The real competitive advantage for Mackey Mitchell Architects is the people they employ. They are creative, engaging and strategic – there truly is no limit to their capabilities.

- Heather Lorenz
Vice President for Student Affairs / Dean of Students

Team Members

  • Steve Emer,



  • John Burse,


    Project Designer

  • Whiting-Turner Contracting Company,

    Design Build Contractor

  • Lavallee Brensinger Architects,

    Architect of Record

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