Montgomery House

Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) Savannah, GA
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Passion + Perspective

  • Montgomery House

    In a residence hall, the space above the corridor ceiling fills up quickly with mechanical and fire protection equipment. We use sections to verify that the floor to floor and ceiling heights are adequate.

  • Montgomery House

    Understanding how the building sits within the environment is essential. This site diagram gives us important information on the opportunities and constraints of the site and informs the building placement.

  • Montgomery House

    Part of every project is gathering of actual finish samples and colors to present an overall complementary palette.

  • Montgomery House

    Sections at stairs helps us to understand the spatial relationships between floors.

  • Montgomery House

    We visit the site frequently during construction to check on progress. Here is an photo of the precast panels in place.

SCAD builds a residential experience that immerses students in the creative communities they're preparing to join.

- Paula Wallace
President & Co-Founder, SCAD

Team Members

  • Steve Emer,


    Project Manager

  • Jordan Gatewood,


    Project Designer

  • Clayco Construction,

    Design-Build Team Partner

  • Dawson Architects,

    Design-Build Team Partner

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