Mueller Leadership Hall

Westminster College Fulton, MO
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Passion + Perspective

  • Mueller Leadership Hall

    The scale of interior spaces is important on many jobs, but paramount on large, vaulted spaces. Here is a sectional study to better understand the scale of the trusses versus the open space below.

  • Mueller Leadership Hall

    This 3D view was used to understand the spatial relationships of the common areas within the lower level.

  • Mueller Leadership Hall

    Every attempt was made on this project to preserve the important elements of the college. This photo shows some of the existing stained glass windows being restored that were reused in the project.

  • Mueller Leadership Hall

    Quick sketches are used during the design process to better understand different spatial elements within the project.

  • Mueller Leadership Hall

    Here is one of the final renderings to help the client understand the project.

The Mueller Leadership Hall is the center of our campus life, where our global community gathers to share good food and fellowship.

- George Forsythe
(Former) President, Westminster College

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