Ryan Residence Hall

University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, IN
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Passion + Perspective

  • Ryan Residence Hall

    Block and Stacking diagrams allow us to understand the scale of the project in context.

  • Ryan Residence Hall

    Elevation details are used to study proportion and scale as seen in this entry elevation detail.

  • Ryan Residence Hall

    This 3D model of the sanctuary was produced to better understand the intimacy of the space.

  • Ryan Residence Hall

    This 3D model was created to understand the spatial relationships of the student common areas.

  • Ryan Residence Hall

    Once a design is developed, exterior renderings are produced to help the client understand the final look of the project.

Mackey Mitchell is one of the most talented and professional firms that I have worked with to date. I was amazed at the design knowledge and technical skill of the team. They exceeded our expectations!

- Tony Polotto
Senior Project Manager, University of Notre Dame

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