Spruce Residence Hall

Indiana University Bloomington, IN
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Passion + Perspective

  • Spruce Residence Hall

    The schematic site plan is used to understand the relationship of the building plan with the surrounding buildings and exterior spaces.

  • Spruce Residence Hall

    3D model of the first floor to understand the spatial relationships of the student commons areas.

  • Spruce Residence Hall

    Building Elevation study during design development.

  • Spruce Residence Hall

    This construction photo shows the stone detailing at window. Often these construction situations are developed in a mock up panel prior to being installed on the project.

  • Spruce Residence Hall

    This 3D model shows the common areas for the pod arrangement.

The Rose Avenue Residence is designed to build community. It is a 'dorm of the future' based on the principles of community, sustainability, technology, and flexibility.

- Bob Richardson
University Architect, IU-Bloomington

Team Members

  • Dan Schneider,

    Associate Principal, Architect

    Project Architect

  • MSKTD Architects,


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