Duncan Hall

University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, Indiana
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Passion + Perspective

  • Duncan Hall

    Elevation details shown with color to provide depth and understanding of scale

  • Duncan Hall

    We use 3D to help understand the space adjacencies. Here is the first floor of Duncan Hall showing the commons spaces for students.

  • Duncan Hall

    Every detail is important. With this image, we are studying the proportions of the window surrounds.

  • Duncan Hall

    The chapel elevation was drawn to understand the scale of the windows with the roof line.

  • Duncan Hall

    This rendering of the interior of the chapel was used so that the client could understand how the space would feel once constructed.

In addition to genuine expertise in student housing, Mackey Mitchell brought a high level of passion, dedicated client service, and plain hard work that helped make both Duncan Hall and Ryan Hall wildly successful projects for the University.

- Doug Marsh, AIA, AUA, LEED AP
University Architect, University of Notre Dame

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