East Halls

Pennsylvania State University State College, Pennsylvania
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Students have expectations of college living that are much different from when our facilities were built. Although location is still a major consideration in a student's decision to live off campus, privacy, amenities and costs are also critical factors.

- Gail Hurley
Associate Vice President for Auxiliary and Business Services, Penn State

Team Members

  • Steve Emer,


    Project Director

  • Dan Mitchell,

    Principal Emeritus

    Design Principal

  • John Burse,


    Project Designer

  • Gwynn Zivic,


    Interior Architect

  • Nick Naeger,


    Project Architect

  • John Brown,


    Project Team Member

  • Lea McRoberts,


    Interior Architect

  • Jake Banton,


    Project Team Member

  • Kevin Symons,

    BIM Manager

    BIM Coordinator

  • Clayco,

    Design-Build Partner

  • DLA+,

    Architect of Record

  • Forum Studio,

    Landscape Architect

  • Sweetland Engineering,

    Civil Engineer

  • Barton Associates,

    MEP Engineer

  • Hope Furrer Associates,

    Structural Engineer

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