Leaders in Sustainable Design


From our inception, Mackey Mitchell has embraced sustainability. Our extensive portfolio of sustainable work includes more than forty projects achieving LEED certification, with several awaiting certification at various levels. We demonstrate sustainable practices in our workplace, our designs, and the ways in which we assist and educate our clients, building code officials, design partners, subcontractors and vendors, in sustainable practices.

By using intelligent project modeling tools that simulate the energy efficiency of design options early and often in the design process, we are able to quickly inform clients on the relative impact design decisions have on long-term energy utilization, operational cost, and potential environmental impact. By balancing costs, reusing resources, simplifying methods when possible, working with nature, and investing in technology wherever appropriate, we create facilities that are as environmentally responsible as possible while remaining true to our client’s aspirations.


We Are 2030 Committed

Mackey Mitchell is a signatory to the AIA 2030 Commitment, which enables architects to take tangible steps toward a carbon-neutral future. This voluntary program invites the entire design profession to take decisive action in addressing climate change by reporting their progress toward developing projects that achieve carbon neutrality by the year 2030. Committed firms have already shown that thousands of projects together can support the creation of healthier, more sustainable places, and we are excited to join this important call to action.



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