MMA Kicks Off 2022 With Eight Staff Promotions

Gwynn Zivic By: Gwynn Zivic

2021 was a year like no other!  We were fortunate that many pandemic-induced project holds restarted and interesting new projects began, and are grateful for the vaccines that made parts of the year feel somewhat normal.  It was still a roller coaster of constant uncertainty, but our staff rose to the occasion despite juggling shifting work settings and overlapping deadlines.  After last year’s virtual holiday gathering, we were excited to once again come together at the Wild Carrot in St. Louis to celebrate the year, including the announcement of eight staff promotions!

Shelby Barker was promoted to Associate!  Shelby joined us in 2018 as an interior designer and recently became NCIDQ- certified!  Shelby’s ability to contribute to multiple projects and her sophisticated eye for finish selections has made her an invaluable team member.

Adam Edelbrock was promoted to Associate! Adam joined the firm in 2019. Adam has a calm, easy-to-work-with presence that exudes confidence. His steady approach and interest in how things work make him a devoted leader on project process.

Nick Fratta was promoted to Associate! Nick started at MMA in 2019 originally in our Lawrence, Kansas office relocating to St. Louis in 2020. Nick’s passion for design, technical detail and graphic representation has established him as a leader in elevating project design.

Sara Ferguson was promoted to Associate! Sara joined MMA in 2019. Sara’s work ethic and project skills are only outshined by her sincerity and general caring of all those around her. We also love to learn about Sara’s creative pursuits outside of the office!

Christina Henning was promoted to Senior Associate! Christina joined the firm in 2017 and has been creating outstanding work ever since. Christina has exemplified leadership in her design work as well as in the community, including as a charter member of the Christopher Kelly Leadership Program in St. Louis.

Preston Scott was promoted to Associate! Preston joined the firm in April 2020, just after we transitioned to full time remote work. He is a leader on some of our most complex projects showcasing his depth of technical knowledge, drawing and modeling processes, and professionalism.

Caitlin Seim was promoted to Senior Associate! Caitlin joined MMA after graduating from Washington University in 2015, and became a licensed architect this past year. Caitlin’s genuine personality, versatile design talents, and “can do it” attitude have made her truly sought after on projects. She’s “crushing it!”

Stephanie Shepard was promoted to Associate! Stephanie also came to MMA in 2020 as everyone was starting to work remotely. Always engaged and displaying skills way beyond her years, Stephanie has proven to be a rising star in all aspects of architecture.


Congratulations to Shelby, Adam, Christina, Preston, Nick, Sara, Caitlin, and Stephanie!