“One Can…can make a meal

After the fundraising efforts and collecting 7000 cans of food, the Mackey Mitchell “Canstruction” brainstormed about what to construct from their purchase. This year’s theme centered around St. Louis history with MMA’s structure representing the world-famous Clydesdale horses pulling a wagon. After many hours of work assembling and disassembling the massive structure at the Missouri Historical Society, the team learned that it received two awards – one for Structural Ingenuity and the most coveted People’s Choice Award. The firm has supported the Canstruction event for the past nine years which benefits the Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry. The project team for the 2010 event included Stefanie Barnes, Amanda Boyce, Karen Dahl, Margie Fank, Greg Frankenfeld, David Helfrich, Sara Holt, Kay Kennington, Greg Keppel, Nick Naeger, Tom Peterson, Matthew Roeder, Kevin Symons, Tony Trinh, and Kyle Wagner. s