NeoCon 2015: The Trends

Kathy Ulkus By: Kathy Ulkus

If you’re wondering about the latest workplace trends, Gwynn Zivic and Lea McRoberts are up on the latest buzzwords and most up-to-date features in workplace design after attendingĀ Chicago’s NeoCon 2015 convention. NeoCon is the largest commercial interiors show in North America and has been heldĀ in Chicago every year since 1969.

One of the most prevalent trends revolves around employee health and wellness. “Sitting is the new smoking,” has become the new workplace mantra, and many companies are responding to the call. While some have adopted the latest height-adjustable work tables, other are pushing it one step further with an installed software program letting you know when it’s time to stand up. And when you are sitting, you can spin or easily move in all directions in chairs designed to rotate or shaped to correct spine alignment.

The industry is constantly looking for office arrangements that will increase employee productivity and foster collaboration. The pendulum has swung far away from the cubicle and the open office extreme to find a balance. Meeting coves and communal hubs, along with acoustic dividers and dimensional wallpapers are providing ways to achieve that “middle” space.

Steelcase Brody Work Lounge

Steelcase Brody Work Lounge

Another buzzword heard everywhere is work-life balance. Residential inspiration has reached an all time high, with young entrepreneurs looking for familiar household product brands and sometimes requesting that high-end contract dealers integrate retail products to meet their demands.

Educational programs, a look at all the new flooring, wall favorites, and funky, fun tiles, plus a few happy hours left Lea and Gwynn energized and feeling connected and inspired by the industry’s latest innovations.