A "Home Run"

Since the dedication of the new Natural Bridge Children’s Library, hundreds of children and adults have enjoyed the renovated space with it’s vibrant, colorful baseball theme.  A variety of colored carpet tiles form a small baseball diamond on the floor.  “Fredbird’s nest,” is a free-standing structure with a puppet theater for enhanced children’s programming.  When not used for puppet shows, kids and parents can be found sitting inside reading together.  Four computers are in the room in addition to child-sized, colorful furniture and decor.  According to Mackey Mitchell Architects Jim Konrad and Rachel Raterman, the original children’s library area was never designed for children, so it was their goal to make it a fun inviting space where kids and their parents could comfortably interact.

The St. Louis County Library Foundation was the recipient of a $50,000 grant from the St. Louis Cardinals Community Fund.  The grant was used to redesign the children’s room in memory of Jean Weinstock, a former president of the Library’s Board of Trustees and an ardent fan of the St. Louis cardinals.