Cathedral Renovation

Mackey Mitchell has been selected for the renovation of the Old Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis.  The historic church is one of the most honored churches in North America and continues to draw 110,000 people annually.  The present building – the fourth structure since 1770 – stands on a small plot of land in the midst of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in the shadow of the Gateway Arch.  Both are elegant tributes to the courage and faith of the pioneers of the West.

The proposed renovation includes restoration of the stone facade which was constructed with expert craftsmanship.  Interior renovation includes removal of the finishes from a 1960’s renovation to re-establish the building’s original character.  The Old Cathedral houses a substantial collection of art and artifacts which have historical significance not only for the Archdiocese, but also for the City of St. Louis.  The restoration project potentially includes the rebirth of a museum, which will provide an additional attraction on the Arch grounds.