Mizzou's High-Tech Concepts

The University of Missouri reveals some of the ways it has adapted to rapid technological changes in the article “Wired and Wireless.”   The article focuses on student expectations and the high level of technology built into the building (and elsewhere on campus).  The goal at Mizzou is not to merely keep up with the modern wired student, but to stay ahead. One of the many examples featured is the use of Tegrity, the latest in lecture-capture technology. This software system allows instructors to record audio, video, and computer screen activity and make it available on the Internet – providing an easy way for students to keep up if they miss a class.  For many, the high-tech student center has supplemented the library as the central study stop, and avenues for virtual self-expression have hit an all-time high. The new student center was designed by Holzman Moss Botino in collaboration with Mackey Mitchell Architects.