Architect Magazine's Top 50

For the fourth consecutive year, ARCHITECT Magazine has published “The Architect 50,”  a ranking of the top firms in the country. The results are taken from data collected from a 46–question survey submitted by interested firms. Because the data is self-reported, a third-party research firm based in New York City checks the facts. This year, Mackey Mitchell Architects ranked #14 in the Top 50 in the  Business Category which reflects firms that “did the best according to net revenue per employee and change in net revenue from fiscal year 2010.”  The magazine also ranks firms on a variety of criteria, including sustainability, profitability and philanthropic practices to come up with the top 50 firms in the country, followed by an on-line listing of the Top 100.  Here, Mackey Mitchell ranked #65, proving that mid-sized firms can compete with the big multinational firms.