The Cupples Connection

The renovated Cupples 9 building, an historic seven-story brick warehouse built in 1894 will become the new home for Mackey Mitchell Architects in just a few short weeks. It’s interesting to note Mackey’s  history with the Cupples project. In 1989, Cupples Station was under threat of demolition to make way for a parking lot. At the time, then-mayor Vincent Schoemehl, Jr. vetoed the plan and selected Halcyon of Hartord, CT and Mackey Associates to develop a study of the property’s potential use. Mackey was assigned the task of determining if the buildings in the complex were worth saving and to devise an overall master plan for future development.  

Historically, Cupples Station played a major role in maintaining the preeminence of St. Louis as a railroad center in the first half of the 20th century. Designed by Eames and Young in the Richardsonian Romanesque Revival  style, the buidlings are strikingly modern in feeling. When they were built  (between 1889 and 1917) they attracted national atttention because of their fine masonry and their graceful arches and repeated patterns. Today, they are once again attracting attention. From plans and concepts devised over 20+ years ago, Mackey’s role and drive to help save the buildings has become a reality, and we’re proud of having played a part in saving these significant structures.