Progress at UAH

Construction is underway for the new student center at the University of Alabama-Huntsville with completion scheduled for fall, 2013. This new hub of student activity will provide a wide range of features including indoor and outdoor gathering areas, lounges, a student cultural center, game rooms, computer areas, campus bookstore and a large food service area. The new building and green space is designed to create a new “urban street” which will connect to existing campus buildings and transform the total campus experience.  Mackey Mitchell’s designs frequently include the creation of quads and “green” areas to create a more campus-like environment (University of Evansville, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Washington University in St. Louis.)  The project responds to the university’s evolution from a commuter campus to a residential one. Mackey Mitchell’s team, working in collabortion with Architect-of-Record TurnerBatson, includes Gwynn Zivic, Jim Konrad, John Burse, Merrilee Hertlein, Clint Smith, and Stacey Wehe.