Progress Continues at Olin Business School

Architect Andy Noll is organizing a Mackey Mitchell office trip on June 14 to see construction progress on the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. Olin is one of the country’s leading business schools and has seen dramatic student growth in recent years. The new facility will include seven classrooms, an auditorium, community forum, 75 faculty offices, lounges, and spaces for collaboration and interaction. The stunning glass atrium will provide a 100-seat open cafe area, access to graduate student services and lounges, and sweeping staircases. Design of the business school complex is a collaboration between the design firm Moore Ruble Yudell of Santa Monica, California, with Mackey Mitchell as Associate Architect. Scheduled for completion by March, 2014, the Mackey Mitchell project team includes Gene Mackey, Tom Moore, Andy Noll, Greg Frankenfeld, Nick Naeger, Gregory Keppel, Matthew Roeder, Sara Holt, Beth Kutterer, and Avik Guha.