LEED Platinum Residence Hall

Williams Village North at the University of Colorado – Boulder  is the first residence hall of its size to receive the U.S. Green Building Council LEED Platinum rating.  Opening in August, 2011, this residence hall used energy saving materials in the construction, and has energy saving features expected to use 39% less energy than a baseline building design based on LEED criteria. Research indicates that students are becoming more concerned about sustainability issues in the colleges or universities they attend.

A creative pinwheel design creates three separate and distinct outdoor courtyards.  First floor amenities include a community lounge, recreation room, classrooms, a crepe & ice cream shop with outdoor seating, and a kitchen area with views into the courtyards filled with lush, native Colorado plant materials.  This 500-bed residence hall features traditional double and single rooms, with two living/learning programs that are served by six classrooms and faculty offices, along with a lot of new features for students, with public spaces, great rooms, recreational facilities and residential academic facilities.Mackey Mitchell Architects, as part of the Design/Build team of Whiting Turner Construction Company and Aller-Lingle Massey Architects, was selected to design the new student housing as the result of a design competition.  MMA’s design team included Gwynn Zivic and Matthew Roeder.