Grand Scale Renovation

As part of  AIGA’s St. Louis Design Week program, architects Tom Peterson (Mackey Mitchell Architects) and Susan Pruchnicki (Bond Wolfe) will be hosting an April 21st  tour of their new 13,000SF home affectionately referred to as the Big Ass Building (BAB).  Located at 822 Wilmington in South St. Louis, the structure  was originally built in 1914 by Southwestern Bell Telephone as a telephone exchange.  It was later owned by Jacoby Art Glass Studio, followed by a printing company.  Now, owners Tom and Sue will share their stories about  undertaking this colossal urban renewal project. The tour begins at 5:30 followed by a program from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  You can read more about Tom and Sue’s grand scale adventure featured in the March 18th issue of The St. Louis Business Journal. The program is sponsored by Indiana Limestone and Big Ass Fans.