Student Centerpiece

Mackey Mitchell, in collaboration with architect-of-record Ross Tarrant, designed a renovation and expansion of Western Kentucky University’s Downing University Center to enhance students’ time on campus,  celebrate the University’s spirit and heritage, and provide a student center that is active 24/7.  A dramatic renovation of the interior atrium will connect floors with a bold series of terraces and gathering spaces.  A grand, open staircase links the different levels while a newly sky-lit atrium provides bright, comfortable spaces for student celebrations, gatherings, study and relaxation. The “Centennial Mall” side of the  building features a terrace with  outdoor dining. Lush garden areas and inviting pedestrian pathways will further compliment the site at the Downing University Center. MMA’s project team includes John Burse, Merrilee Hertlein, and  Stacey Wehe.