Ridgway Revisited

Five years after the completion of the award-winning Ridgway Center at the University of Evansville, a student from UE’s class of 2014 had this to say about his campus experience:

“I remember my freshman year vividly,  thinking there was no way I was going to find all of my classes on time, no way at all I was going to find my residence hall, nor help others find where they needed to be. The best advice I received from seniors at the time was to look for Ridgway, and that it would be my compass for the university. Their advice was correct. Ridgway became my everyday stop. First, it was to orient myself, but eventually, it was my way to get to know everyone on campus, as it was the center of campus life. Everyone and everything was at Ridgway. I learned to put faces to names, I watched philanthropies bring people together, and I made lifelong friends in this facility. Ridgway wasn’t just my compass for the university, but the symbol of togetherness that the University of Evansville is known for.”   – Mallet Reid, UE Class of 2014