Hands-On Learning

Architect Tom Peterson shared his passion for woodworking with students in the Building Futures program, a new organization that introduces kids to design and construction.  Students work in groups to come up with models or design ideas and afterwards construct their concepts using a wide range of tools – everything from drills to table saws.  Tom shared his in-depth knowledge of wood, covering how the medium’s cellular structure affects the strength of wood.  Using soda straws as a model, he was able to demonstrate how wood properties can determine the best applications for wood and the proper tools to use.  Tom’s personal woodworking studio features all kinds of tools, from hand saws and palm chisels to power tools and table saws.  Over the years, he has created a variety of objects from wood, including a maple cradle for a family member and boxes resembling sea shells crafted from ebony (a dense, black, stone-like wood).  He inspired students at the “Building Futures” program which gives kids an opportunity to be creative and discover more about themselves through hands-on learning.