Catalytic Convertible

The American Institute of Architects-Flint and the Flint Public Art Project announced their first annual “Flat Lot Competition,” a program/competition conceived to design and build a temporary summer pavilion in a central parking lot in downtown Flint, Michigan. The full-block parking surface known as the “Flat Lot,” has become a staging ground for all kinds of public events which draw large crowds. The goal is to design and build an innovative structure that provides shelter, shade, and seating that will transform the space and captivate the public imagination –  while occupying no more than eight public parking spaces. The winners will receive $25,000 to construct their proposed idea. If the Mackey Mitchell team is selected, Jordan Gatewood (resposible for narrative and budget); John Brown (diagrams and line work);  Avik Guha (modeling and rendering); and Tom Young (structural consultant),  may all be heading to Flint, Michigan to construct their design concept.  Winners are to be announced March 14th.  We’re rooting for our talented team!