Rebuilding Together

Nine  people from Mackey Mitchell Architects turned out last Saturday for the Rebuilding Together event to help make a difference. John Brown, Avik Guha, Steve Emer, Margie Fank, Greg Frankenfeld, Gregory Keppel and his wife Molly, Sara Holt, Lea McRoberts, Tom Moore, and Gwynn Zivic all dedicated their time and efforts to help a family in need of home repair. The group spent the day painting every room, plastering cracks in the wall, redoing the bathroom and installing a flagpole for the homeowner – a proud Vet! The idea was suggested by Mackey Mitchell’s Mentorship Steering Committee which includes Lea, Greg, Avik, and Gwynn. This national nonprofit organization rehabilitates homes for low-income homeowners, particularly the elderly and those with disabilities.