Thoughts from Our President

While waiting at the airport, Mackey Mitchell President Steve Emer recently shared a thoughtful weekend experience with staff members. “I just spent an amazing weekend at Syracuse University with my family celebrating my nephew’s graduation and saw firsthand what it means to have a meaningful, exciting and magical college experience. First of all, Syracuse has done an excellent job with the university’s brand. I saw a lot of orange and blue on everyone. The students, faculty and families were all proudly caught up in the spirit of all things SU. More than that, there were many speakers who talked about the importance of learning from student peers. Building community is the foundation for this exchange. Several speakers admonished the new graduates to stay in touch with each other. From meeting my nephew’s friends, I got a very clear sense that he had met people who will be his friends for life. After the ceremony, the quad was jam-packed with people vying for positions at campus landmarks and wonderfully historic buildings for photos. You could not help feel how magical the scene was.

“We have a tremendous responsibility when we work on any college or university.  With our expertise that touches all the primary aspects of a student’s existence on campus, we create the places that not only gives them the confidence to succeed, but allows them to forge friendships for life.”