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Kyle Wagner By: Kyle Wagner

Lexington Glassworks, a new glass-blowing studio and gallery recently opened in downtown Asheville, NC. Long-time friends Billy Guilford and Goeff Koslow who parted ways after college, reunited for their studio adventure where they create and offer everything from vases to custom chandeliers.

Located in a former automotive shop in Asheville’s South Slope neighborhood, the owner/artists approached me as principal of Mackey Mitchell’s Asheville office, seeking design guidance and input on the retrofit and upgrade of the 5,000sf, 1940’s era building. From early planning through construction, architectural services were tailored to make efficient use of the building’s assets and the owners’ desire to stay hands-on, investing  their own “sweat equity” in the project’s development. With plenty of room for displays throughout, the space includes a working glass-blowing facility, observation areas, and a comfortable retail gallery. Since its opening in January, Lexington Glassworks has become a lively and welcome community-oriented contribution to the Asheville art scene.