Historic with a Modern Twist

One of nine new Mackey MItchell-designed residence halls that opened this past year includes the new Mark A. Nordenberg student residence hall at the University of Pittsburgh.

Located in the Oakland Civic Center Historic District, the design incorporates thematic elements of surrounding historical buildings while meeting the needs of today’s students. The building features retail outlets on the first floor as well as Pitt’s wellness and counseling centers on the second floor. Unlike the high-end, suite-style residence halls that have popped up on campuses across the nation for the past decade, this new 559-bed, 10-story building  has features that are a throwback to an era of smaller rooms, communal bathrooms, and even hall phones. These residence halls are designed to encourage students to interact and gain a sense of connectedness in a large urban university setting. Mackey Mitchell’s project team included Dan Mitchell, Greg Frankenfeld, Nick Naeger, and Gregory Keppel.