Next Stop…Baylor

After attending Indiana University’s 21st Century Project Symposium to check out the results of a long-term planning effort initiated by ACUHO-I, Dan Schneider and Steve Emer will be heading to Waco, TX,  to find out more about Baylor. Baylor University, along with Indiana University (designed by Mackey Mitchell), and Colorado College were the only three higher education institutions in the country to take part in ACUHO-I’s innovative national effort to plan a prototype residence hall of the 21st Century.

The 21st Century Project began in 2006 when a summit of housing and higher education leaders was convened to discuss what the residence hall of the future could look like. Now, eight years later, these three campuses are serving students in innovative halls that are flexible, community-oriented, sustainable, and technology-enabled. During March and April, the  three host campuses are sharing perspectives and lessons-learned during the process, and talking about new ideas as they consider how 21st Century principles can be applied to current and future building projects.