Adrian Attends Autism Conference

Architect Marcus Adrian has been involved in special needs education since he worked on the Central Institute for the Deaf School in St. Louis back in 2000. Since that time, he’s given talks at national conferences and on Capitol Hill on acoustics in design.  He’s worked on school projects throughout the United States, designing living and learning environments for students with sensory and cognitive needs.  He recently attended the 1st Annual Mid-South Autism Conference in Tunica, MS where Dr. Temple Grandin was the opening speaker.  Her remarks reaffirmed the ideas behind his design philosophy:  Because of their heightened sensory sensitivities, the way we design places for people with Autism can be critical to their success. Daylight, color, pattern and texture of finishes can be orchestrated to balance stimulation and calm, while a well-organized floor plan will enhance predictability and wayfinding, ease anxiety around transitions, and encourage positive social interactions.