WU Simon Hall Renovation

Completion of Knight and Bauer Halls for Washington University’s Olin School of Business, designed by Moore Rubel Yudell and Mackey Mitchell, provides new space for graduate business programs, and a long-awaited opportunity to transform the existing Simon Hall. Washington University in St. Louis has engaged MMA to create a vibrant social heart for undergraduate business on Simon’s renovated ground floor, and to provide more than 700 seats of new and renovated non-business undergraduate classrooms and auditorium space in the lower level.Beginning phased construction in May, 2014, the design consolidates a new BSBA Administrative Suite, expanded BSBA Lounge, Cafe, and Weston Career Center Extension around Simon’s iconic “flag” hallway, with visual and spatial connections designed to elevate the character and brand of Olin’s undergraduate experience. Improved building entries and stairways facilitate wayfinding and accommodate foot traffic for the influx of non-business users. Later phases provide leading-edge technology in a wide variety of learning spaces, from classrooms and group study rooms to independent study and collaborative team spaces in Kopolow Library.  Mackey Mitchell’s project team included Gene Mackey, Marcus Adrian, Gwynn Zivic, Stacey Wehe, Sara Holt, Merrilee Hertlein, Tom Moore, Matthew Roeder, Avik Guha, and Kim Hughes.